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Missy’s 10 Favorite Children’s Books

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The books we read as children make a significant impact on our foundation. We remember fondly with nostalgia those stories, and often share them with our children and grandchildren. Children’s books guide youngsters in values, life lessons, and allow the imagination to explore endless adventures.

Listed here are a few of my favorite books from my childhood. These stories and authors influenced me as a writer, and gave me the enjoyment and the gift of reading when I was a kid.

Even now I am experiencing these stories as though it’s the first time when I read them to my little boy. It’s all new because I see them through his eyes and the eyes of myself as an adult.

The value of children’s books can never be measured. Literacy is the cornerstone of education, and children’s books encourage kids to learn and love to read. Generations will continue to grow and be molded by iconic authors like Dr. Seuss and PD Eastman. Where would we be without the children’s authors of the world?

In no particular order…


Black Beauty

It’s a story about a horse and a life’s journey. I love horses and rode competitively as a child and teenager so this book really touches me.

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

A fairy tale for children of all ages. My 5th grade student teacher read it to the class, and I’ve loved it since. It made me look forward to school every day… and I did not like school at the time.

Charlotte’s Web

First book I remember reading about friendship, change, and sacrifices that we make for our loved ones.

A Light in the Attic

My first exposure to poetry that I liked and that I could understand as a child. I like the humor and the wit. by Shel Silverstein.

Anything Dr. Seuss

I like how he creates his own world and characters. It’s imagination and creativity but there were still lessons. You didn’t feel like you were being preached to, but there were inspirations hidden within the story. They are magical and enchanting, definitely a staple for any child’s early reading. He’s like Dr. Spock, but Dr. Spock is for parents Dr. Seuss is for kids.

Peter Rabbit

I smile at the mention of this book. Love the simplicity and charm of the story and the illustrations. As an adult I appreciate that Beatrix Potter broke the glass ceiling for female authors.

Fred & Ted books by Peter and PD Eastman

Favorite is The Best Nest. I like the adventures they go on and that they are able to tell a story, but with the simplicity that a small child can understand. It allows small children to explore culture even though the stories are so simple. I love the The Best Nest because it is about home.

Sweet Dreams Book by Laurie Parker

The best all time enchanting bedtime story. The verbiage she uses and the illustrations are magical.

Alice in Wonderland

The all-time classic imaginative fairy tales that is out of this world. Where you get sayings like “through the looking glass” and “down the rabbit hole.” To me when you think of fairy tales it’s like the Beatles inspired music of today AIW inspired fairy tales of today.

Peter Pan

When you think of fairy tales you think of little girls, but this book is one to which boys can also relate. It touches the part of us that never wants to grow up.


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